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Our Story

The Lobby Events is located inside the recently renovated and restored, Cedars Hotel Building. The Cedars Hotel was built in the early 1900's and was a main stop for Cedar City. When the 3 story Hotel closed, Jolley's Ranch Wear opened up on the main floor of the building. Jolley's was also a main attraction when you were in Cedar City. The Jolley's family was loved and adored by so many local to Cedar City. Once Jolley's closed, the building became vacant for some years. Then we came along, The Lobby Events At The Cedars Hotel!

We wanted to bring back the historical building to what it original was built as. On the front of the building (looking out on Main Street) you will see the words, "The Cedars Hotel". Though to some it may be a little misleading, we changed the name to what this building was originally named. When you enter the old building, you will see that it has been renovated and restored to look like what we imagine the Hotel would like like in the early 1900's. You'll notice the original ceiling and light switches when you first enter as well as all the wood work that was done by my Father to match the time period. We have spent several months traveling to different states, finding the perfect antique furniture for our space and throughout the building.

After working on the main floor for 10 months, we were able to open the doors so people can come in, reminisce and gather with their friends, neighbors and family! We aren't finished with the work just yet! We still have a basement, 2nd and 3rd floor to finish and continue the work! We are still in the process of seeing how we want to utilize the upper levels, so stay tuned for what exciting things are to come! It means the world to us to have your support and interest in the space we are working hard to make the best for you!

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The Lobby Events Team

Between the 3 of us, we make up The Lobby Events Staff! Lyndsey (owner) started The Lobby Events as a one man band and after a year, was lucky enough to bring on 2 new members to the team! You are guaranteed to see at least one of us during your event. Say hi if you see us around, because we are so excited you're here!

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Lyndsey (Owner)

’m Lyndsey Horito, the Owner of The Lobby Events! I’m from Las Vegas but have lived in Utah for about 10 years. For the past 20 years, my family has been going to Brian Head to snowboard so I’ve become familiar with Cedar City and the people here. Aside from throwing parties, I love traveling, talking to people, baking and I’ve recently started playing the flute again (I played in 6th grade). Did I always think I would be hosting and planning events? No way! But since I was 12, I have helped with the cleaning, catering and set up of events and weddings and I have LOVED it since then. Eventually I started hosting my own events and that inspired me to open my own space. So now I’m here and I am so happy to be here! 

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Lolly (Manager)

Lolly is our new Venue Manager and we love her so much! Lolly is from Cedar City and a mama to the cutest baby girl, Kamilla. Between being the best mom, managing The Lobby and spending time with her family, Lolly loves cooking with her mom and always starting a new embroidery project. “You could consider Noah Kahn as one of my hobbies because I’m obsessed with his music” so if we have any Noah Kahn listeners, reach out to Lolly for a jam sesh! Lolly helps us at The Lobby making sure that everything runs smoothly for your event and always goes above and beyond to make your event better than what you imagined it to be! Lolly is a fast learner and ready to take on all challenges. We are so grateful for her and all her efforts. If you see our incredible manager, say hello! 

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